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Destinations Near ACC

Because ACC is located in the center of Aomori Prefecture, it is a convenient base for visiting Aomori's many destinations


Moya Hills (Summer)

About 700m Away (10 minutes by foot, 2 minutes by car)

In the summer, Moya Hills boasts a small public swimming pool and one of Japan's longest Roller Luge courses!


Hakkoda Ropeway

11.8km (~20 minutes by car)

In the summer it's a great hiking spot,

and in the winter it's white powder slopes offer world-class skiing

and snowboarding!

It's also famous for its frost-covered trees.

Sannai Maruyama Historical Site

13.4km (~25 minutes by car)

The Sannai Maruyama Historical Site is ???

Jogakura Bridge

17.5km (~25 minutes by car)

Japan's longest arch bridge, with a height of 122 meters above the ravine.


Sokayyu Onsen

17.3km (~30 minutes by car)

Famous for some of the highest snowfalls in Japan and its "Sennin" bath. The building is like a big gymnasium made from Japanese cypress. You can also start a short hiking from here.

Oirase Stream

38km (~1 hour by car)

The Oirase Stream is about 14km from the northern shore of Tonoda Lake, on the eastern shore of Towada Lake in Towada City, and to Yakeyama. It is a mountain stream from the Oirase Riverm and belongs to Towada Hachimantai National Park. There are special scenic spots and natural monuments designated by the country.

Konoguchi Port (Lake Towada Pleasure Boat)

55.3km (~1 hour, 20 minutes by car)

Delicious soft ice cream and a chance to meet Lupine III.

Lake Towada

Towada Visitor's Center

60.7km (~1 hour, 30 minutes by car)

Delicious food and the famous maiden statue


In the Winter, Moya Hills is a ski resort!

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