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ACC's History

Together We Are Stronger

The Beginning (1956)

洞爺丸転覆事故と ???

Camp established

Kominato Bible Camp 1.jpg
Kominato Bible Camp 8.jpg

Relocation due to flooding damage caused by the Chile ??? earthquake and tsunami (1966)

A new facility is built in Moya (1967)

Kominato Bible Camp 9.jpg
Scan 30.jpeg

Old main building expansion project, adding beds and a lobby (1970)

Major renovation of the facilities, providing a campsite and a chapel.

1997 ACC Chapel Construction.jpeg

Appointment of full-time directors (2015)

Transfer of ownership from TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) to OMF International (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) (2018)

ACC Building Project Layout copy.jpg

New main building project approved (2015)

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